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The future of learning is here – Percipio

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This blog is about a new intelligent learning platform – Percipio – that will change the face of workplace learning forever. If you are interested in only giving your staff the best learning experiences and supporting self-directed learning, read on to find out more.

The future of learning – webinar recording
Yes, the future of learning is here. Well, more precisely – it is happened on Thurs November 9th. We demonstrated a new, state-of-the-art digital learning platform – Percipio.

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So what is Percipio all about?

It is how we all need learning to be. It is content personalised to your needs, it is engaging, it is high quality and it is curated by experts on every business topic that you can imagine. For the business – it speeds up time-to-competence and for managers, it at last gives you a tooklit you can use to support your teams and have inspiring conversations.

When we think about where workplace learning has come from, Percipio is something we have all been waiting for. And when you see Percipio, if you are like me, you’ll be saying “why hasn’t someone done this before?”.

Percipio is a digital learning platform that will engage and inspire your staff to learn in ways you never thought possible. It will create new ways of thinking about improving performance and skills – we think Percipio is that good.

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Percipio makes self-directed learning a bigger possibility

From Daniel Pink’s theory on motivation – ‘Drive’, we are empowered by three things:

  1. Autonomy – can I do my job without having to always having to get approval?
  2. Purpose – do I see a clear reason for doing my job, am I contributing to the business?
  3. Mastery – am I able to develop and progress in my job?

Being a self-directed learner means that you find a way to overcome the typical challenges and hurdles in your role. You find the resources or help that you need to overcome barriers, or you find a way to go around them. People who perform at a high level are natural self-directed learners.

From research, we know that the modern worker is hungry for learning, and professional knowledge only has around a 2.5 to 5 year half-life.

But, the average company only allows around 1% of time for on-the-job learning. We also know that up to 70% of staff use search engines daily to find what they need to do their jobs. Some of the search time is wasted on not being able to find the things that they need.

Something doesn’t add up here? No wonder the average worker is distracted, overwhelmed and time-poor.

So in comes Percipio by Skillsoft. It is packed full of useful content that not only offers a choice in how you interact with it, but it provides expert resources for every job role and competence that your business needs. 500+ and growing pre-curated content channels, mapped by experts and aligned to the competencies that the best global organisations value.

Watch-read-listen – Percipio is the future of learning

Watch-read-listen is a core feature of Percipio. You can watch short videos, read online books or listen to the vast array of audio books on the topic of your choice. From business topics to personal development through to technical certifications, Percipio is the largest interactive digital library of its kind in the world. In fact, it is the only interactive digital learning library of this kind!

So that is mastery covered. Once you consume the Percipio content, Netflix-style fashion, you’ll soon have all the autonomy and purpose that you need.

But don't just take our word for it: View the Percipio webinar recording

Percipio is a game changer for workplace learning

If self-directed learning is something you are interested in for your staff, we’d love to have a conversation with you. Percipio is a leader in the new wave of learning experience platforms that brings together a depth and breath of content and elevates it with a fantastic user experience. At last, your staff have eLearning worth talking about.

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