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When GDPR risk meets cyber security

GDPR risks

This blog explains what GDPR risk really means for your organisation. It is written by our guest blogger, John Strutt, an intelligence analyst and cyber security expert. Intelligence analysts are the people most likely to see the consequences of GDPR risks and misunderstandings, so we asked John for his take on the impact of GDPR.…

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All the GDPR checklists you will ever need

Get ready for GDPR

  This blog is about preparing for GDPR and looking at what training is actually needed. At Logicearth, we offer a range of Compliance solutions, including GDPR, Anti-money laundering, Information security awareness and more. Take sneak peak at our GDPR course or see here for a full list of our engaging compliance courses – they…

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The future of learning is here – Percipio

This blog is about a new intelligent learning platform – Percipio – that will change the face of workplace learning forever. If you are interested in only giving your staff the best learning experiences and supporting self-directed learning, read on to find out more. The future of learning – webinar recording Yes, the future of…

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Keep it all in with the digital learning revolution

dont forget

This blog is about the role of content curation in learning. Content curation is about tapping into existing content sources – smartly, efficiently and making them a part of your learning strategy. If you are interested in adding content curation to your L&D service, we’d love to hear from you. Our learningCloud LMS allows for…

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I’m an adult, get me out of this eLearning

treat me like an adult in digital learning

This blog is about how to create high quality eLearning content that will challenge and stretch your staff as they learn. We specialise in eLearning of the non-patronising kind, so have a look if you want to create better digital learning content. Are most eLearning courses patronising? I have a question. The last time you ‘took’…

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