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CRISPR to change the face of healthcare

CRISPR introduction

This blog is about an exciting new development in disease treatment – gene editing. Our medical writing team explain the basics of CRISPR, a new gene editing tool. Gene editing itself isn’t new, but CRISPR has made it easier and cheaper. For a quick summary of this blog, jump to the CRISPR infographic. CRISPR and the…

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A plan for blended learning success

This six part blog series will help you plan and roll out a successful blended learning initiative, which includes a range of different learning methods, such as classroom events, custom eLearning and off-the-shelf digital learning resources. We’ll cover why we need blended learning, planning, communicating with stakeholders and how to engage your staff. Along the…

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When GDPR risk meets cyber security

GDPR risks

This blog explains what GDPR risk really means for your organisation. It is written by our guest blogger, John Strutt, an intelligence analyst and cyber security expert. Intelligence analysts are the people most likely to see the consequences of GDPR risks and misunderstandings, so we asked John for his take on the impact of GDPR.…

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HTML5 video tools improve eLearning interactivity

HTML5 video

Html5 video is used in most eLearning and digital content production. The big advantage of html5 video is that it is a universal standard for different devices and screen sizes. But just because it is easier to use video, doesn’t mean we are making best use of it for learning. This blog is about how…

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All the GDPR checklists you will ever need

Get ready for GDPR

  This blog is about preparing for GDPR and looking at what training is actually needed. At Logicearth, we offer a range of Compliance solutions, including GDPR, Anti-money laundering, Information security awareness and more. Take sneak peak at our GDPR course or see here for a full list of our engaging compliance courses – they…

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