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Latest trends in digital learning

HTML5 video tools improve eLearning interactivity

HTML5 video

Html5 video is used in most eLearning and digital content production. The big advantage of html5 video is that it is a universal standard for different devices and screen sizes. But just because it is easier to use video, doesn’t mean we are making best use of it for learning. This blog is about how…

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The future of learning is here – Percipio

This blog is about a new intelligent learning platform – Percipio – that will change the face of workplace learning forever. If you are interested in only giving your staff the best learning experiences and supporting self-directed learning, read on to find out more. The future of learning – webinar recording Yes, the future of…

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7 drivers accelerating the digital learning revolution

digital revolution

This blog is about the changing nature of work and how you might need to consider different ways to train and support your staff. In our Content development services and through through our intelligent learning platform – Percipio, and our gamified content app – learningPlay – we can provide a range of learning and support…

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I’m an adult, get me out of this eLearning

treat me like an adult in digital learning

This blog is about how to create high quality eLearning content that will challenge and stretch your staff as they learn. We specialise in eLearning of the non-patronising kind, so have a look if you want to create better digital learning content. Are most eLearning courses patronising? I have a question. The last time you ‘took’…

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What would you put in eLearning room 101?

eLearning Room 101

This blog is about the common things that you find in eLearning content, but yet many of us just don’t want! From awkward dialogues, learning objectives to clicking past the boredom, we’ve all been there. For too many years, eLearning content has been sub-standard. If you want to see how modern eLearning should work, check…

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