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Every company needs compliance training, but only Logicearth can create truly customised, high quality, expert-written courses that grab learners' attention. Each course is 20 minutes or less, video-led and contains many scenarios and real-world examples. Brands like eir, BNY Mellon, KBC Bank and Vodafone use our compliance solutions because we guarantee excellence.

We have an extensive Compliance catalogue including courses on GDPR, Inclusion and diversity, Fraud awareness, Information security, Anti-money laundering and more. 

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“Logicearth enable us to help facilitate learning throughout our entire organisation. They are there as someone to help us, and not just sell us a product. We help our organisation learn and by Logicearth helping us, we then help our customers also. Nearly counter intuitive to what a vendor should do, they are helping us to become self-sufficient in a way that enables my team to provide extremely bespoke learning to our units and organisation as a whole.”

Gary Reville, Senior Manager,
Learning & Development, eir Business

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A selection from our Compliance catalogue

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Learn about changes that will impact your organisation and best practices for handling data. Try our GDRP course to win it for your company.

Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity training like you’ve never seen before. Based on psychological approaches, we’ll help you create a better environment for all your staff to work.

Anti-money laundering

Learn about anti-money laundering laws and regulations, and how to manage risks associated with money laundering.


What is a bribe and what is a gift? What is acceptable behaviour and what's corrupt? Learn the differences in this short course.

Intellectual Property

Meet the intellectual property law family of trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and design in this short course. Learn how to protect business from intellectual property theft, copying and counterfeiting.

Social media and digital communication

Learn how to navigate social media and digital communications, by establishing good social media practice rules and guiding great digital content towards your audience.

Fraud awareness

Stop fraud in its tracks with this course that takes a fresh approach to tackling internal and external fraud, from prevention to reporting.

Information security awareness

The information security threat is relentless and growing at an unprecedented rate. You can't make it go away - but you can learn how to protect yourself in this scenario-based interactive course.

Business ethics

How to do the right thing - and why you should. This courses teaches the importance of behaving ethically and the practical skills that you need to make good decisions. 

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Our compliance course are ultra-modern with a range of ownership, design and customisation options to best fit your needs


We create every type of learning content. Logicearth's proven agile process reduces production time, cuts costs and delivers expertly designed content.