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Learning and development teams

Make a bigger impact on your business

Cut through the buzzwords and dodge the silver bullets


Target your efforts on the business areas that matter


Deliver a streamlined learning service that is cost effective


Contribute to solving the most important business challenges

Challenges for L&D teams

When we speak to L&D teams we often hear about difficulties and complications with adapting to change (staffing, budget, technology, mergers), increasing learner engagement, developing leaders, consistency issues and selecting the best metrics. These issues ultimately lead to great difficulty in trying to demonstrate bottom-line value and get buy-in from leaders.


Learning and development professionals can make a strategic impact if they can navigate through the options and separate solutions from hype. With the right digital solution, they can develop the resilience to withstand changes in the business and in their roles, ensuring learning remains a top priority with continued investment in the learning infrastructure.

Your learning partner from A – Z

L&D teams need a single, flexible grow-and-shrink digital solution that’s specific to their business needs. We offer the ability for self-service content, tools and apps to support all types of learning and drive the engagement and appetite for staff to complete, amidst competing priorities.

Why you should work with Logicearth

We guide and support you to add new ways of learning.

We supply self-service content, tools and apps to support all types of learning

We help you to navigate through digital transformation from A - Z

We offer a flexible grow-and-shrink service for all your learning needs

What our customers say


“The relationship with Logicearth isn’t your traditional vendor supplier type of relationship. They are very, very open. I guess that’s what does definitely set them apart.”

Elaine Rooney,
Organisation Development Manager, FEXCO

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