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Who we are

At Logicearth, we come to work every day because we’re passionate about changing the face of workplace learning. Right now, there are big changes going on in the learning industry. We’ve been seeped in jargon and buzzwords for many years, while only just talking about how good things could be. For the few, the world of digital learning is transformational. For the many, it is bewildering.

Customers don’t just need learning platforms and content, they need a strategy, a plan and practical support to make the most of what digital learning can offer. We talk to business leaders and L&D professionals every day, who ask us - how do we just make it work? Their questions have gone unanswered and the opportunity cost is getting higher. This is where Logicearth comes in. We listen, quickly grasp the challenges, consider the needs of all stakeholders, and then deliver high impact learning solutions.

Our values

We make learning easy

That's what drives us each day

We are straight-talking

We make sense when we talk - no industry jargon or hype here

We are open and honest

Our focus is the right solution for our customers, not what makes us more

We strive for perfection

But we never over-promise or under-deliver

We are always innovating

Each customer needs are unique - we stay ahead by understanding this

Our best work

We aim for perfection for our customers with every piece of content we produce, strategy we devise, or learning platform we advise on.

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Our newsletter

We give practical advice that help with the problems you might be facing in the learning industry - whether you’re our customer or not. Our bi-weekly electronic communication is dedicated to that with helpful tips, news and stories to help you cut through the hype.


Where does the Logicearth name come from?

The fragmentation of the learning industry spurred on Peter and Paul to form a company that would offer a full range of services: one that would be a logical choice for businesses to go to; that was down-to-earth, focused on practical application, but that used this grounding in reality as a platform for exploring new territory. And so ‘Logicearth’ was born.