Deliver digital learning content to your organisation that will:

  • Support talent development and performance support
  • Address skills gaps without disrupting workflow
  • Provide prescriptive, curated learning paths to help technology professionals develop new skills
  • Save money on classroom training
  • Free up resources for innovative thinking
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Data Analyst to Data Scientist

leadership development

Deploy a Leadership Development Program that enables leaders at all levels to be at the top of their game. Percipio Leadership Modules help leaders and managers develop competencies and mindsets for leading in the digital economy, with an emphasis on immediate application.

Adaptive learning

Deliver the competencies that matter most to your business through adaptive and tailored learning pathways. Percipio is an intelligent immersive platform that gives managers a huge boost, with a toolkit for performance reviews and one on ones. It recommends where to start learning, and guides employees through hundreds of possible learning paths in a beautiful consumer-led experience.



Fast-track employee growth and career development with the help of curated playlists, curriculum maps and expert insights. When employees learn faster  - you get results quicker. Complete a topic in less than 5 minutes, and resume learning where you left off - wherever and whenever you choose.

Watch, Read, Listen & Practice

Keep knowledge relevant with cutting-edge content that evolves with the marketplace and meets both organisational and learner needs. Access multi modal content, including video, books, audio books and practice material continuously updated to ensure your organisation always has access to the latest information.


Prove learning impact

Percipio's data driven analytics connect learning activities to business objectives allowing you to focus company time and resources to stay competitive. Administrators can create and assign learning paths and courses, visually monitor progress using dashboards, charts and graphs, and show how learning drives value in their companies.

Close Critical Skill Gaps

Closing skills gaps quickly is one of the most important goals for global companies. Percipio has over 500 pre-curated channels mapped to the competencies that matter most to leading global companies. You can assign learning paths to specific audiences to close skill gaps quickly and easily. 


Seamless In Flow Work Learning

Embed learning in the flow of work so there's less time spent training, and more time spent applying knowledge. Search, discover, and learn in the context of everyday work using the Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA) browser plug-in. Learners can search a term in ELSA to find videos, books, and audiobooks without leaving their browser.

IT Skills, Leadership Skills, Business Skills: Sorted.

Experience over 500 pre-curated channels mapped to the competencies that matter most to leading global companies. Assign learning paths to specific audiences while also empowering learners to find and develop their own learning paths.



Logicearth will guide you to success

As your consulting partner, Logicearth ensures the successful implementation of your platform from installation through to designing a curriculum that meets your needs now and into the future. Our structured communication plans ensure the positive adoption of the new platform in your business.