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FEXCO adapts quickly to support their global expansion

FEXCO is Ireland’s most successful multinational financial and business solutions provider, with operations in 29 countries worldwide. They serve some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple industries through a wide range of innovative products and services, processing more than US$10 billion in transactions annually.

"Logicearth are in-tune with our need to be aware of business needs and drivers and that is what sets them apart from the competitors. A lot of the vendors are just trying to sell you off-the-shelf content, but Logicearth will work with you from the commercial side of things."

 – Elaine Rooney, Organisation Development Manager


Business challenge

FEXCO is one of the fastest growing financial services organisations in the world. As FEXCO’s growth strategy involved acquisition and merger of many diverse businesses and employing staff with new skills, a new L&D strategy was needed to respond quicker and more efficiently to constant change.

The range and level of new skills and businesses to support meant that a reliance on classroom training wasn’t scalable enough to respond to the new business needs.

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How Logicearth helped

Through an 18-month support process, Logicearth worked with FEXCO HR and L&D teams in a step-by-step co-ordinated and planned way to design and deploy FEXCO’s first ever digital learning portal called LEAP.

LEAP helped FEXCO to streamline, rationalise, scale and improve the quality of the training and support they provided to a global audience.

FEXCO’s future plans include the development of more in-house content with Logicearth’s support.

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Products and services provided

learningCloud LMS

Skillsoft IT Pro Library for IT staff

Design & development of digital learning resources to support compliance and risk training

Support for new HR/L&D strategy to move from classroom training only

LMS rollout, staff engagement and communications strategy

In-house training for L&D to develop their own content

Highlights and key metrics

18 month journey from classroom only training to a globally accessible learning portal.

2000+ staff now supported through 300+ flexible online resources.

L&D team can respond in days and weeks to the business.

An expanding global organisation benefits from quicker response to learning and performance challenges.

Time-to-competence reduced for IT staff through access to online resources and certifications.

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