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Mobilise your community with Teach on Mars

Accessible, relevant and social

The next generation of learning technology isn't about how well you serve content to the workforce; it's about how well you consistently engage with your community. Teach on Mars reflects how learning is integral to the employee experience and to every learner's connected lifestyle

Truly mobile learning⌄

A 100% authentic mobile experience

Turn every employee's smartphone into a personal learning companion that they will trust and rely on day in, day out. Right next to their search engines, fitness trackers, photo-apps and podcasts - that's where they'll find their learning.

Build learning habits

Teach on Mars looks and plays like any other app. With a consumer-grade UX, it is simple, social, fast, intuitive & fun. A truly mobile experience from a truly mobile-native solution.


Any device; anywhere

The application is a 100% cross-channel (iOS, Android, Web). This is a mobile-first application that also delivers to desktop.


Full Offline capability

Sometimes the very best learning happens when your learners are off the grid - hazardous environments, airplanes, on the factory floor or in retail points of sale. For those learning moments, Teach on Mars doesn't even need a network connection - content can be downloaded, completed and synced again effortlessly.

We power the top brands' learning and development strategy

Mobilise your community⌄

Mobilise your community

Modern learning is just like modern learners, connected, collaborative and even competitive. Use game-based challenges, leaderboards, live events and forums to mobilize and engage your community.

Gamified learning

Create quick, slick and engaging learning games to embed new knowledge and practice recall. Socialise learning with game-based challenges, leaderboards and badges


  • 8 different game-types, all customizable, help your learners practice and test their knowledge
  • Learners can challenge other learners across communities, teams and timezones
  • Leaderboards & Badges are fully configurable based on the criteria you choose

Enhance real-time events

Use Teach on Mars Live! to get every learner engaged and participating in real-time at online and face-to-face events like company townhalls and conferences


  • Deliver rich, interactive blended learning programmes to your communities
  • Engage your learners before, during and after the event with Profile, Brainstorm and Survey
  • Learning & communication are continuous and connected; engage with your learners in real-time in company townhalls

Connect learners

Connected learners develop networks, engage with both content and each other and bring that learning back to their performance on the job


  • The Forum is an easy-to-use social tool familiar to all web users. A forum is dedicated to each course
  • The Wall is a personalised newsfeed for every learner drawing together new communications and courses
  • Push notifications deliver personalised updates on new content, activity recommendations, challenges between learners

ENterprise learning⌄


Teach on Mars is a robust enterprise-level solution capable of scaling from 200 to 100,000+ users. It comes with rich data dashboards, an intuitive authoring tool and great community management. 

Enterprise-level administration

Any size organisation can licence Teach on Mars through a simple and flexible SaaS model. SMEs and blue-chips alike can access full learner management, content management, communication management and analytic dashboard functionality.


Flexible, powerful content development

Mobile-native content can be created quickly offline in purpose-built Excel templates or using the web-authoring tool. 15 different activity types designed for key learning moments from early engagement, through learning and on to practicing your new skills. Easy import of third-party content (SCORM & xAPI)

Use your learning ecosystem

Integration with all market-standard LMS (Learner Management Systems) and core HR Information Systems, as well as with CRM, productivity, social media and other suites. Make your learner experience seamless and easy for a busy working day.

on brand; your brand⌄


Your application for your workforce

Visually, editorially and culturally, your Teach on Mars mobile learning app is a fully customized extension of your brand. Personalise every aspect of the app to your organisation. Then launch it in the App and Play stores

Fully-branded to your organisation

Visuals, colours, icons, fonts – this is your app. Your employees will recognize their workplace, their brand and their experience.

Your own corporate learning app on mobile stores

Your app is launched on the mobile app stores with authentication linked to your security. Easy to distribute; just point your workforce to the app store they already use every day



Fast deployment and responsive support

Logicearth will be your consulting partner, guiding you to the successful implementation of your new learning platform.

  • 1

    We learn
    about you

  • 2

    We Give
    you answers

  • 3

    A safe
    space to play

Your personal learning consultant finds out about your learning needs

We will customise your live preview to give you the answers you need

We provide a safe space for you and your colleagues to try out the learning platform

  • 1

    We learn
    about you

    Your personal learning consultant finds out about your learning needs

  • 2

    We Give
    you answers

    We will customise your live preview to give you the answers you need

  • 3

    A safe
    space to play

    We provide a safe space for you and your colleagues to try out the learning platform


Mobilise your community with teach on mars

Fill in your details and find out how Teach on Mars can consistently engage your community. Teach on Mars reflects how learning is integral to the employee experience - Accessible, relevant and social.

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